The genesis of the concept 'Distributed Archive' lies in a deeply personal memory that underscores the crucial importance of safeguarding our trademark's identity and history.

In my childhood, an unexpected incident occurred during a factory move. Hundreds of invaluable knitwear samples, each a unique chapter of our trademark's story, were lost.

This unfortunate event served as a stark reminder of the ephemeral nature of physical objects and the pressing need for a system to protect our designs from being swallowed by the sands of time.

The Distributed Archive emerges as a response to this realization, serving as a protector of our knitted creations, while simultaneously allowing them to exist, live, and evolve within the lives of our customers.

Contrasting the conventional idea of an archive, which evokes imagery of sealed, secretive rooms filled with dust-covered relics accessible only to a privileged few, the Distributed Archive brings a refreshing openness to the concept.

It rejects exclusivity and embraces shared stewardship, blurring the lines between our trademark and its patrons.

We hope you will wear with pride & joy - and maybe even post images with the hashtag #distributedarchive.. we just might reward you too.

. . .