Holger Hugo Skyt (1946) is the son of our founder, Søren Nielsen Skyt.

As the youngest son of 7 children, Holger has been working with all aspects of knitting, sewing & selling knitwear since a very young age.

He always worked with mechanical machines, skillfully & tirelessly translating ideas for new knitting techniques into punched holes in cardboard control cards. 

In 2007, we were lucky to get to collaborate with COMME des GARCONS on a small pocket collection of knits, re-visiting our classic designs - but adding subtle detailing. Holger, naturally, was in charge of making these changes to our classic designs, and we kept the controlcards as a very important memorabilia.




Today, Holger is still knitting for S. N. S. HERNING - keeping the legacy of his father intact. Not currently knitting sweaters in Denmark - he is instead dedicating himself to the knitting and manufacturing of wonderful woolen blankets.




Written by Soren Skyt

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